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What is wood composite construction WCCC?

What is a wood-concrete composite floor & how are WCCF constructed?

The Wood-Concrete-Composite, short WCC, is often mentioned in the context of the construction of wooden beam ceilings and stands for an established construction method of floor slabs with many advantages.

With this proven system construction method, a thin concrete slab is firmly connected to a wooden beam. The clever arrangement of wood and concrete combines the advantages of the materials and complements each other to form highly solid and efficient components. The resulting composite slab is therefore also called Wood-concrete composite slab and offers various technical and economic advantages.

A time-consuming and usually costly demolition is not necessary because the existing building fabric is still used as part of the system.

In addition, the overall stability and stiffness of the ceiling construction is increased, which leads to an improvement in sound insulation and fire protection.

In principle, this composite system can be used to upgrade old building ceilings in the span width range between 4 and 6 metres to a traffic load of 5 kN/m2.

The cost savings amount to up to one third compared to conventional solutions.

Wood-concrete-composite construction method / principle

What is behind the term wood-concrete-composite ceiling?

The concrete slab is in most cases monolithic in design.

A foil is applied to the floor boards of the traditional wooden beam ceiling, onto which the concrete is poured after the joining technique and tensile reinforcement have been applied. In the case of high requirements, the choice of concrete quality must be varied.

After the concrete has hardened, the shear stiff connection between the wooden beams and the concrete slab prevents mutual displacement. The wooden beams absorb the tensile forces, while the concrete or cement screed acts as a pressure plate.

The resulting slab beam has several times higher load-bearing capacity than the individual wooden beam.

Wood-concrete-composite ceilings are particularly popular for old building renovation and the conversion of attics into living space. This construction method has proven to be a very good and economical solution in the renovation of old buildings.

wood-concrete composite ceiling


Wood-concrete composite ceilings by Ahle, Fischer & Co. Construction Berlin

VIDEO: WCC from AFC. - Our employees show how to do it right.

As one of only a few Construction companies in the Berlin-Brandenburg area offer we the construction of ceilings in Wood-concrete-composite construction and can look back on over 20 years of experience in the construction business.

Our Wood-concrete-composite constructions have developed into the reference solution for new buildings and Restoration of ceilings in residential and commercial buildings.

Advantages of wood composite construction

The advantages of wood-concrete composite ceilings are obvious.

  • massive reduction of secondary sound forwarding
    • increase of airborne sound insulation
    • increase in impact sound insulation
    • not a typical wood "squeak"
  • Increase of the overall stability and rigidity of the ceiling construction
    • Increase of fire protection, fire resistance duration (up to F90-B)
    • Reduction of ceiling bending
    • increase of load capacity
    • traffic load up to 5 kN/m2
    • minimization of the vibration susceptibility
    • slight increase of the dead weight
  • further advantages
    • low installation height (60-140mm)
    • saving on dismantling work, as the inventory is part of the system
    • height compensating for inclined or sagging existing ceilings
    • Use of the existing building fabric
    • Shortening of the construction time
    • cost savings of up to 1/3 compared to conventional solutions

The Wood-concrete-composite floor is an adequate alternative to conventional wooden beam ceilings, with which all requirements of a modern ceiling construction can be realized.

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