Alter Schlachthof Berlin

Zur Rinderauktionshalle, 10249 Berlin
execution period:
2002 - 2005
ses SEG Eldenaer Straße mbH
order volume:
1.500.000,- Euro
urban quarter with public green spaces
service specification:
Refurbishment of a wall; restoration of a listed steel structure

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detailed service description:

The area around the former Zentralvieh- und Schlachthof was divided into five new areas: (1) the Hausburgviertel at the Hausburgstrasse in the northwest, (2) east of the Thaerstrasse the Thaerviertel, (3) the Blankensteinpark in the center, as well as (4) the Eldenaer Viertel and the (5) Pettenkofer Dreieck in the east.

The 1.3-hectare Hausburgpark was created on Hausburgstrasse. Cast iron columns from the old cattle halls were also reused in the design.

The 250 metre long wall along Hausburgstraße has been completely restored. The 5.1 hectare Blankensteinpark is located in the centre of the city quarter. The listed remains of the Hammelauktionshalle form the northern end of the park. Parts of the scaffolding of the former striking functional building were integrated into the park.

Alter Schlachthof Berlin

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